Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas in the Country - the REVEAL !

Ok - nothing like waiting till almost the last day to link up.....but.................................

We survived the Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is a statement.  2 Dogs, 2 Adults and one baby and all the gear that comes along, plus gifts! Whoo. It's hard to pack "cowboy light" for 3 nights away from home with a 3 month old. 

In addition to all this we had borrowed the folks stock trailer - which meant we needed to return in that weekend too.  So we stuck our gifts for everyone in the neck and away we went - jingle all the way!

One of the holiday events I look forward to is Christmas in the Country - Blog Exchange.  Thank you Jamie and Laurie for putting it on again! 

My blog exchange partner was Alison from Illinois - she is a former Ag teacher and as a FFA/Ag Nerd till the end I've got a lot of respect for Alison! She blogs over at Outside the Ag Room
I had a lot of fun checking out her blog and creepin on pinterest :). 

In the end I sent her a Pioneer Woman candy dish.  I love the blue depression style glassware and its just the right pop of vintage color! I also included some homemade soap from Shoofly Soap Company.  Because homemade soap is the cool-est.

A couple of days before Christmas I received a lovely surprise from Val in Iowa!  She blogs at Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids! 

She sent me a really neat wreath!! It's currently hanging on our door to welcome all those that come to visit!  How did she know I have wanted to get a wreath for our door ? Val did a great job!!! We love it - and how cute are the little pennants?


  1. Thanks for participating again this year! The wreath looks PERFECT for you, Val did such a great job! The gift you sent Alison seemed to be spot on as well, I know she especially appreciated the dish! I'm glad you all were able to survive Christmas with the little one - we'll have a 9-10 month old next Christmas, so that'll be extra fun for everyone.... Ha! Hope you are having a great new year!

  2. Great job! Love what you sent and WOW, that wreath is adorable from Val! So glad you were able to participate again this year. I know exaclty what you mean about packing for the holidays for the little ones....and then to have to have a trailer haul too, welcome to parent hood! :)

  3. I'm glad you love the wreath! It was great to connect with you through the Christmas in the Country exchange!